Boğsak, Turkey

Boğsak is without a doubt, one of the most amazing hidden gems in the south of Turkey.
Boğsak fascinates those who holiday here with its magnificent sandy beach, calm lifestyle, turquoise sea that looks like a completely dead lake for most of the year, and its immaculate nature.

Boğsak is one of the least known regions of the Mediterranean. It is one of the few places in the south of Turkey that can avoid heavy tourism pressure.

Bogsak Bay and Bogsak Pansiyon, Turkey

In summer, it's usually like an oasis in the middle of the desert for families and children. However, in Spring and Autumn, it is an ideal place for romantic couples and has a unique atmosphere that brings serene spirits together.

Boğsak is a very beautiful region not only with its fairy-tale sandy beach and sea, which is a paradise for swimming and sunbathing, but also with the surrounding islands, bays and exquisite underwater world. 

Boğsak Island
When you come to Bogsak, you will see this little islet almost from every side of the bay. It is only 17 acres and located 200 metres (660 ft) off shore from the mainland. There are lots of ancient ruins on the island. You can clearly see churches, houses and necropolis when you visit the island. You can easily swim to the island from the main beach. But you have to be careful about cruising boats especially in early morning and late afternoons.

The small yet charming fishing village is surrounded by inhabited islands, pine forests, crystal blue shores.
Boğsak is also very famous for its fish tours, swimming tours and diving tours. When you get here, you'll find the right service ready to do all this. You can go fishing, diving, surfing and canoeing in Bogsak all year around. You can also visit the largest shipyard in the ancient world while you are holidaying in Bogsak. It's one of the most famous archaeological discoveries of recent years. It's located on Dana Island which takes only 30 minutes by boat from Bogsak Bay.
There are no accommodation problems for visiters in Bogsak. Bungalow houses on the beach, camping areas intertwined with nature, comfortable boutique hotels, and small hostels for adventurers and accommodation facilities that can meet your needs for all-round holidays. Bogsak Pansiyon is one of them.

Boğsak Beach, Turkey

Main economic activities of this little village are Tourism, fishing, farming and animal breeding (goat and cattle). Olive, carob, and pomegranate are the main crops. 

Boğsak is in a very easy position to reach by road. It is located on the Antalya-Mersin highway. Only 20 minutes away from Silifke and minibus service is available from early morning to late evening.

Boğsak - Antalya Airport 350 km (5.5-6 hours by car)
Boğsak - Adana Airport 180 km ( 2.5-3 hours )
Boğsak – Ankara 530 km ( 6.5-7 hours )
Boğsak – Cyprus 3 hours by fast catamaran or 6-7 hours by overnight ferry

For more information about diving tours, guided boat tours and Bogsak hotel reservations, you can contact us via "Message Box" at the bottom of this page. 

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